It is time to take a step back.

You can benefit a lot from not wanting to move forward for a moment.

By taking a step back, you actually move forward a lot more than you think.

It is time to reflect (ha-ha). Image courtesy of Noah Buscher — Unsplash

I get it, it’s human nature to grow. I think that nobody likes to look back and see you are still the exact same person you were.

People -and companies- like to move forward and grow. However, it can be very beneficial to take the time to take a step back.

Unfortunately, I see the opposite happen around me a lot. Almost all of my clients don’t take time to really think about what they want to achieve. And why they want to achieve that. I understand it. You get caught up in the daily grind. When things go well you keep going at the same pace; that’s good enough.

But being caught up in the daily grind can also mean you drift away from your core values. You go with the flow, but you are not aware of the flow itself.

I think that it is okay to have periods in your life when you are just enjoying the moment. Being on auto-pilot when everything goes well. That’s more than fine right?

But you can benefit from pushing the break. Lower your pace. Open your eyes.

When you hit the break, there are three questions you can always ask yourself.

Why? How? What?

Cliché. I know it. It’s from Simon Sinek’s golden circle (2009).

But it is still so relevant. Maybe now even more than ever. In my opinion they are one of the most valuable questions you can ask yourself. The context does not matter. Whether it concerns personal situations, or challenges in your professional life. The outcome will always be the same: a clear view of your current position and set goals of future values.

You probably already know what to do with those three questions but in case you forgot you can find a short summary below.


Get straight what your objective is, your motive or belief. Why does your organisation exist and why does it matter to others? Importantly, profit is not a valid reason for “why,” because this is a result.


Your process. How you deal with the distinctive character, such as your value proposition. Strengths or values that they feel you differentiate yourself with.


What can be expressed as the product you (or a company) sells or the services you offer.

So once you’ve read above piece. Allow yourself some time to take a step back, enjoy life and reflect on your past in order to grow in the future.



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