You’ve probably already seen the new set of logos from Google’s G Suite. They replaced a bunch of recognisable logos into something… well, decide for yourself:

I understand what Google wanted to accomplish: uniformity. However, I feel that you can achieve uniformity on one side and be distinguishable within your…

You can benefit a lot from not wanting to move forward for a moment.

By taking a step back, you actually move forward a lot more than you think.

I get it, it’s human nature to grow. I think that nobody likes to look back and see you are still the exact same person you were.

People -and companies- like to move forward and…

This is for all the UX Designers out there who make neat stuff, but haven’t been able to test their designs on real people; The ones that are made from flesh and blood.

Start taking User Testing seriously, it makes all the difference. User Testing may seem time-consuming and costly…

Do Kriek

Freelance Designer based in Amsterdam.

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