You’ve probably already seen the new set of logos from Google’s G Suite. They replaced a bunch of recognisable logos into something… well, decide for yourself:

Credits: Google

I understand what Google wanted to accomplish: uniformity. However, I feel that you can achieve uniformity on one side and be distinguishable within your…

You can benefit a lot from not wanting to move forward for a moment.

By taking a step back, you actually move forward a lot more than you think.

It is time to reflect (ha-ha). Image courtesy of Noah Buscher — Unsplash

I get it, it’s human nature to grow. I think that nobody likes to look back and see you are still the exact same person you were.

People -and companies- like to move forward and…

99% of the time they want you to do something else.

This is the word you need to say.

Being around in the field of (digital) design for some time now got me in contact with a lot of clients. …

One of my colleagues once told me that you should always have someone in mind when writing.

Well, today that someone is myself… Not so long ago I came around the subject of Context Mapping (CM), but I just couldn’t get my head around it. So I started Googling CM…

This is for all the UX Designers out there who make neat stuff, but haven’t been able to test their designs on real people; The ones that are made from flesh and blood.

Lo-fi picture of User Testing, with real users! (source: me)

Start taking User Testing seriously, it makes all the difference. User Testing may seem time-consuming and costly…

Do Kriek

Freelance Designer based in Amsterdam.

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